DYMBOX device has been designed and developed to produces smoke for smoke chambers in the smokehouses as well as for barbeques during amateur smoking.

For the device to work you only need to add fuel to smoking chamber. You can refuel it at any time without need to stop the generator. You only need to add woodchips, briquette or pellets.

Smoke volume is adjusted by increasing or decreasing air pump efficiency.


1. Big dry woodchips – they don’t need much air to burn. In this case we can power the generator using only one pump’s nozzle and reduce its efficiency to minimum.

2. With a good draft, in smokehouses equipped with long chimneys and with strong wind, smoking in the generator takes place practically automatically. In such cases we set pump’s efficiency at minimum.

How it works:

Our smoke generator is powered by solid fuel: smoking woodchips, pellets or briquette. Burning process takes place just above the smoking pipe in a hopper, across its entire diameter. Smoke produced during burning process through pump with proper efficiency is drawn down to hole in the smoking pipe and is then pumped into smoking chamber.

The advantage of this solution is the fact that:

1. Fuel in our generator does not hang, but falls down loosely and freely during the burning process. Unlike to other generators, where smoking takes place well below smoking pipe and woodchips (that should burn) are blocked by smoking pipe, our generator has a grate above the smoking pipe. In Dymbox smoke generator there is no need to push the fuel as it does not get stuck.

2. By implementing such a solution, smoke produced from burning has no contact with pure fuel which is not yet involved in the burning process thus it does not saturate pure woodchips with tarry substances and dampness as it happens in similar smoke generators available on the market. They have low grate, where smoke before entering into the smoking chamber penetrates a few-centimetre-layer of fuel which is not yet involved in burning process and contaminates and dampens it. Thus dirty, grime and damp woodchips smoke our meat…

3. In the device, below side air-draw nozzles, there is an ash-pit for big amount of ash what enables to smoke longer (for several hours) without need to empty it.

The generator can be fed with wood chips ranging in size from 2 mm to 12 mm. Generator is best to use a mixture of wood chips about the size of 2 and 4 mm (50/50), which ensures optimum operation of smoke generator.

Using this size chips were made studies of PAHs (the content of harmful compounds including benzo(a)pyrene).

Industrial design (shape on an object) for generator made of pipe and square profile reserved on the territory of the Republic of Poland. Application number Wp.22231 and Wp.24110.

Copying and duplicating to for the purpose of financial gain is prohibited by law.  

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